Company Overview

Research-based English, Soft Skills, Technical and e-Governance Trainings

Athena Academy is a research-based training, coaching and consulting firm, in the field of English Enhancement, Personality Chrysalis and out-of-the-box Technical and e-Governance Trainings.

Based in Bangalore, India, we study the training and the trainee and integrate them to create some unconventional training methodologies which have proven to create and influence the lives of our clients.

Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of potential by giving the right training, guidance, mentoring and managing expectations. We seek to accomplish this through a single platform of assessments and analytics, learning, and training process playbooks. The Athena Academy approach enables a faster and more successful impact on an individual.

Why Athena?

We help people and organizations achieve better results by giving them the right tools to succeed.

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Why Are We Different?

  • A totally women-led organization
  • Hugely successful in our proprietary English trainings
  • Scaling up to handle complicated projects successfully
  • Unconventionally-customized training programmes
  • A plethora of trainers to suit our various portfolios
  • Infusing new technology into traditional methods of training