Athena Academy with BBMP

Athena Academy Private Limited is the official training partner of Indian Centre for Social Transformation in the implementation of its proprietary product GPMS (Global Project Monitoring System) to various private and public organizations.  This involves providing trained manpower on site, supporting ICST clients during implementation and transition to GPMS, providing GPMS certification courses and project management. GPMS was first implemented in BBMP.


Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike is the third largest municipality in India. GPMS, an indigenous product developed by ICST has been implemented in BBMP to render an online repository system of all publicly-funded projects that are handled by the BBMP and the same is integrated with a mobile framework to enable easy tracking. This information, transmission, retrieval and validation is controlled using a single, integrated, indigenous architecture that has inbuilt capabilities of storage, ability to operate on multiple environments, ease of communication on multiple protocols, and has inbuilt encryption and compression.

Before the implementation of GPMS, there was no efficient computerization in BBMP. Several IT companies had developed small-time software solutions to cater to the needs of a department or a system of work. Though they were implemented, they were not largely used due to inefficient interoperability between various functions of BBMP, inadequate customization and short-term ineffective training programmes. All this paved the way for GPMS to take centre-stage in BBMP.


Before the introduction of GPMS in BBMP, a detailed study spanning several months was undertaken. During this requirements-gathering, a solid understanding of the workings of the municipality was translated into the building of the GPMS for BBMP.

Various training programmes aimed at different sections of BBMP staff were undertaken. From the Commissioner to the data entry operator, everyone was shown the scope and the benefits of using GPMS. Several staff was trained in small groups. When the GPMS was implemented, all BBMP projects were transformed from old, dusty files into accurate data that could be used for analysis in the new, efficient GPMS application. A large exercise of back-capturing projects from 2005 was undertaken. Effective validations were built around the data entry of the project data to ensure accuracy.

After the initial implementation, 92,000 BBMP projects worth 14,000 crores, were brought online the GPMS! This resulted in complete visibility and project-tracking by senior decision-makers. It was easy to detect frauds, forgeries, projects without workcodes, funded projects which were not reflected online as well as radically cut down the cumbersome, inefficient workflows in the municipality.


In 2012, ICST took another step and decided to bring financial accountability in BBMP. This application is called the Financial Management System. This is an online system of recording all financial transactions of BBMP via Receipts, Payments and Bank Reconciliation.

The Receipt Module was first introduced to all the 750+ employees of BBMP of 28 departments who were giving manual receipts to the public. FMS has now registered a collection of Rs 20 Arab crore + in a span of 1.5 years!

After the second success, ICST built the Payment Module in FMS in which all payments done from BBMP is registered and reconciled against revenue earned. All Contractor work bills, salaries, approval levels of financial authority is done via the FMS Payment module.

  • Impact– Generation of Receipts to the value of  Rs.15,77,83,57,843.27 in 11 months duration
  • Impact– Generation of Payments using the system to the value of Rs. 16,19,15,07,954.62 in 3 months duration
  • Impact– 92,000+ BBMP Projects have been put online by BBMP staff and continuously monitored


ICST’s official training partner, Athena Academy Private Limited took over the entire responsibility of co-ordinating trainings for FMS throughout BBMP.

  • BBMP is divided into 8 zones and 1 head office. Each zone is further divided into many wards and offices. Overall BBMP jurisdiction extends to 198 wards and 450 offices across Bangalore.

Athena Academy deployed 14 Trainers, Coordinators and Project Management Office across 8 Zones and Head Office in BBMP, working with all staff from the Commissioner to the Junior Clerks, in 28 departments of 198 wards and 450 offices across Bangalore

  • As FMS was rolled out department-wise, the trainer would travel to various offices and train the relevant people in FMS. He would completely hand hold the BBMP staff and ease them into adopting this new system.
  • All problems and issues encountered were reported to the ICST team via the ICST helpline and online Helpdesk and solutions were accordingly derived.
  • If any radical changes were introduced into FMS, large-scale trainings would be conducted at a central location where more than 500 people were trained together.
  • Trainers would get into the old, legacy systems of work prevailing in various offices and bring to light the different, prevailing practices of work. Each zone had its own system of working. Unifying all these was no easy task. Based on this knowledge, the FMS was further enhanced or validated to incorporate all these learnings.
  • Daily reporting to the BBMP Financial Manager and to the ICST Senior Management with periodic discussions and meetings, kept a tight vigil to ensure that the implementation was on the right track
  • Further, retired people with domain knowledge also assisted in the training space in every zone.


Athena Academy deployed people who were not just good at training the BBMP staff but had the following qualities.

  • People of high Integrity. People who believe in the change they are implementing, not just trainers who want a job.
  • People who are thick-skinned and not easily swayed by rejection. Lots of resistance was faced at the zones by the people to adopt FMS.
  • Trainers who have a mindset of easing people into this transition and who can tackle the mindset of unprofessionalism.
  • The trainers were chosen after a rigorous selection process. Kannada speaking.
  • Current brand of trainers are Program Management, Project Management professionals, bankers, IT people, HR, soft skills trainers, SAP users and a couple of freshers.

Client Testimonials

Raja Seevan
Raja Seevan
Founder Trustee - Indian Centre for Social Transformation
Athena Academy did a phenomenal job by implementing the Global Project Management System in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike in Bangalore. It was a highly challenging task to bring computerization into a system where the staff were not even trained in computers. Athena Academy trainers took on the onerous task of creating computer awareness, requesting for infrastructure, training disinterested people and persevering with 750 of them over a period of 2 years and making them adapt to a system which brought a sea-change in the way projects were managed in BBMP.

Their work was also commended in the National Productivity Council publication which was released by the Prime Minister of India