06 Dec 2017

An Ode by an Old Student

“The English language is work in progress, have fun with it”- Jonathan Culver

English is a language that is widely used all around the world, which makes it necessary for us to learn it. So if we are learning it, it is important for us to learn it the right way. The right way is learning the language in its real form. It is not understanding grammar and pronunciations theoretically and doing corresponding exercises but also applying it when it is spoken. Hence it is a subject that needs learning, understanding, thinking, speaking, applying, practicing and writing.

Why is English important ?

English as we know is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and hence needs to be learnt. Secondly like most of us dream of high paid jobs and better education outside India we need to learn English mainly to communicate there as well as to get through competitive exams. However thee most important reason and the right way to learn English is by being passionate about the language and not just learning it for the sake of it.

It is a beautiful language and one of the best companions to vent out your feelings, may it be through poems, articles, essays, blog posts or any other use of the language. There are rhyming words, opposites, synonyms, acronyms, homphones and many varieties of literary devices which add rhythm and some fun into your articles.

How do you improve your English ?

To improve your English , from personal experience, I would like to say that it is completely surrendering yourself to the language in order to accept it. I would like to substantiate this through an example: if a child wants a chocolate and loves chocolates, the child will do anything to get it, crying, screaming, pleading or convincing. As parents you will buy your children the chocolate in order to make them happy. Some times you may even give it as a reward. That’s how English should be learnt: with complete love for it, with determination and dedication to it and automatically you will realize that it is not as hard as you thought it was. However to motivate you and guide you we also have Athena Academy!

None of us were taught our mother tongues in detail. We just picked it up as we grew and heard it from people around us. So like they say “Practice makes a man perfect”. Another example to understand this is: suppose you buy a radio and bring it home use it for a week and after that you forget about it completely, what happens to it over the years? Yes, obviously it wont work as efficiently as it used to when it was new. It will be broken. That’s what will happen even to your English if you don’t use it.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with my personal experience. I, like any other child was lazy to write any large piece of creative writing that I was assigned. I would procrastinate and look for excuses to avoid doing it. But English 360 has helped me overcome it. All my blocks and barriers about writing has been washed away. Now I adore writing and it is one of my greatest passions. Out of 80 essays, mine was selected as one of the best. I write for my self as well as have my very own blog in progress. It didn’t make sense to me when I first joined the class. It was just a burden and later a stress buster with the colouring sheets (which I loved even though I was overage to do it). But now I can slowly see the discipline it has inculcated in me. My spellings are way better than others in my peer group, my vocabulary has definitely increased, my grammar is not the best but definitely much better than my friends’ and it has contributed to my self image as well as my image outside.

So I hope there are many more budding writers who find that spark in them and ignite it while Athena Academy will make sure it doesn’t stop burning bright.

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